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Congratulations to Karoline Copeland for being announced the 2017 Distinguished Young Woman of Mobile County.
Congratulations to Taylor Boykin for being announced as the Queen for Azalea Trail Maids representing Baker High School.
Congratulations to Brianna Coburn and Karoline Copeland for becoming the 2017-2018 Baker Dance Team Captians

Megan Sanett came and taught master classes once again this summer at the studio.

As one of the original Tremaine Performance Company members, Meghan has worked with Tremaine Conventions for many years. She has also performed with and assisted many choreographers including Michael Rooney, Brian Friedman, Justin Giles, Yusuf Nasir and Tremaine faculty member, Keri LaGrand. She performed with Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull in their “On The Floor” video, and performed for legends such as 2014 Entertainer of the Year, Dick Van Dyke, Chita Rivera, Mitzi Gaynor, Alec Baldwin and Julie Andrews. Meghan has danced and toured with Justin Giles' contemporary company SoulEscape and Jason Gorman and Nicole Hogg's contemporary company Marrow. In addition, she has taught all around the United States, winning national titles and numerous awards with her choreography. Just this year, Meghan made a name for herself through social media gaining incredible exposure and recognition of her YouTube dance channel through her comedy Vine videos - over 200 thousand followers and growing.

Congratulations to recent high school graduate Madison McCown for making the Tiger Paws at the University of Auburn. War Eagle! She will be dancing along side another one of our former students, Lauren Greene.
Congratulations to recent high school graduate Katie Lynn Copeland for making the Crimson Cabaret at the University of Alabama. Roll Tide!
Congratulations to Katie Lynn Copeland for representing Mobile at the State Distinguish Young Women this past January. She placed in the Top 8 as well as won in the Fitness and Talent Category.
Congratulations to former student Taylor Barnickel on becoming a Prowlers at the University of South Alabama
Congratulations on Karoline Copeland for being chosen as Baker High School Dance Team Captain
Congratulations to Katie Lynn Copeland for being crowned Miss Baker and Miss Hornet. Also congratulations to Karoline Copeland for being crowned Junior Miss Hornet

Johnnie Davis gave us all new socks so we can "sock it to the competition" at National's this week. Thanks Johnnie Davis for the fun motivation!

The last national's practice before the girls head down to Orlando, Florida

Katie Lynn Copeland was selected to represent Baker High School in the Azalea Trail Maid Court for 2015-2016.






Baker High Dance Team 2015-2016

Captains - Katie Lynn Copeland and Bria Robinson

Karoline Copeland, Abigail Church, Brianna Coburn, Skyler Waits, and Sarah Walker

Congratulations to Taylor Barnickel who represented Mobile County in Distguished Young Women of Alabama.  She made it into the top 8 and received a Talent Award.








Katie Lynn Copeland as Mobile County's DYW for 2015-2016 and will represent Mobile County at the Alabama State DYW Program in January 2016. At the Mobile County DYW Program Katie Lynn received the Interview Award, the Talent Award, the Self Expression Award, and the Fitness Award.

Congratulations to former student Francesca Ehman for being a Dixie Darling at The University of Southern Mississippi. While being a Dixie Darling had the opportunity to travel to Ireland and perform in the St. Patrick's Day Festival this past March.
Katie Lynn Copeland Tremaine Dance Conventions Performance Company Member and Karoline Copeland Tremaine Dance Conventions Performance Company Apprentice.





Congratulations to Taylor Barnickel Distinguished Young Women of Mobile County 2014-2015. She will be competing in Mongomery, AL in January for Alabama's Distinguished Young Women. 



Congratulations to our recent high school graduate Lauren Greene on making Auburn University's Tiger Paws Dance Team 2014-2015. 



Taylor Barnickel Azalea Trail Maid Second Lady in Waiting for Baker High School 2014-2015.



Debbie Carney (pictured at right with Nigel Lythgoe, Julie Adler, Joe Tremaine, and Berry Lather) was named Tremaine Dance Convention's "Teacher of the Year" 2010 - 2011.



Debbie Carney - Teacher of the Year

Lauren Greene  Distinguished Young Women 2nd Runner Up 2013-2014 (pictured left and former student of Debbie's School of Dance and winner of DYW 2012-2013 Kristen Copeland.)

Recieved: Service Award, Talent Award, Interview Award, and Fitness Award. 

Lorie Hobby Johnson Scholarship Winner 2013 -2014

The Lorie Hobby Johnson Scholarship has been set up in honor of Lorie Johnson who passed away with breast cancer at the young age of 37. She left behind a husband, Darrell, and two boys, Noah and Zachary and a loving mother, Brenda Hobby. Debbie's School of Dance will award a year's scholarship tuition free to a student whom we feel is very deserving. This award will be presented at the recital dress rehearsal each year and a commemorative plaque will hang in the studio with the recipient’s name and the year the scholarship was awarded.





Caroline Tison recently traveled to Auburn University to choreograph for the Tiger Paws Dance team. The Tiger Paws perform at all football and basketball games, pep rallies, community and university wide events, and many other university athletic events. Caroline's jazz and hip hop routines can be seen throughout the year at all of these events. War Eagle!







Baker High School Dance Team 2014-2015 Katie Lynn Copeland, Bria Robinson, Rebecca Ngyuen, and Taylor Barnickel, Karoline Copeland, Branna Coburn, and Sarah Walker.



Derrick Schrader taught Master Classes at the studio. 

Derrick was born in the small town of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and later moved with his family to Minneapolis, Minnesota. At age 9 he began taking tap classes, and by age 11 he had expanded his dance training to include ballet, jazz and lyrical. At age 15, he started traveling around the country to take classes from the best of the best dance educators. After graduating high school, he continued to developed his style of choreography. Teaching at 5 studioshe soon became one ofthe most sought after choreographers in Minnesota. At the peak of Derrick's popularity as a choreographer, and being a firm believer that a persons dance education in never complete, he decided to pack up his car and move to Los Angeles to expand his career. Since the move, he has appeared on ABC Family's "Switched!," the motion picture "The Gift" and the stage show for Disney's animated feature "Bolt." Other credits include: Tappin' in the Twin Cities with Gregory Hines and Savion Glover, Burnin' The Floor and Blur featuring Carmen Electra, as well as performing with Seamless Dance Company Out On A Limb Ballet Company, In*Formation and Keep It Jumpin'. Derrick has received many honors over the years including more than 3009 top choreography awards and more than 100 concept and storytelling choreography awards.






In January, Rebecca Carney Miller traveled to Montgomery to choreograph for Alabama's "Distinguished Young Women" program.

Rebecca will choreograph the State Junior Miss Pageant in Montgomery in January 2015. Rebecca was Mobile County's Junior Miss in 2003 and 1st Runner Up at the State pageant.

Congratulations to Victoria Blakely

Left: Melanie Moore (So You Think You Can Dance Season 8). Right: Victoria Blakely.

Victoria was a Mini Non-Stop Dancer Finalist Runner Up. This included a $250 scholarship to a Break The Floor Productions' Intensive. One Workshop Scholarship to 24 SEVEN'S Nationals held in Las Vegas. Also the eligibility to compete to be the 2013 National NON-STOP DANCER in Las Vegas.

Victoria was able take classes from numerous dancers and choreographers at Broadway Dance Center.



Congratulations Katie Lynn Copeland and Lauren Greene.

Lauren Greene Miss Hornet Night Baker High School 2014.




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